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TOP Questions and Answers asked about the Club
  1. Are you a 501c entity? No, we are not a 501c but PEL is registered with the state of Texas and the Federal Government as Unincorporated Nonprofit Association like many sports organizations.  This status allows us to operate as a tax-exempt lacrosse club.
  2. Are you a for profit entity? No.  All proceeds or fees will be reinvested back into the program.
  3. Do you have a board? Yes.  Dan Schmitt, Brad Mills and Mark Delano are the three members and all are volunteers with no stipends.
  4. How can I help PEL?  There are many ways to help.  Given budget constraints and the expense of operating a lacrosse program, we rely on volunteers to support fundraising activities, concessions, field set up and administration, coaching, corporate sponsorship acquisition, amongst other things…if you think you can help, please volunteer. J
  5. Why do you offer an “All Inclusive” and Al A Carte fee?  Based on the feedback of several parents, there is a strong and growing desire to play lacrosse or develop core competencies on a nearly year round basis.  As a result, PEL has developed what we feel to be an excellent “All Inclusive” price which offers a substantial discount versus the current market price for the individual components which include Spring and Fall Registration, Spring Break Skill Clinics, Summer Camps, Strength and Condition during the off season and participation in the Homecoming Float.  Conversely, we also offer an “Al A Carte” fee structure to allow newcomers, younger participants and players who do not have the time or money to play lacrosse all year long.
  6. What types of budget expenses does the program have? There are several significant expenses which include but are not limited to field rental for the youth teams, referees for all levels, league registration fees for all levels, equipment, scholarships for qualifying players with a need, varsity travel, uniforms, Boys Program Director, 7/8 and high school coaching, high school trainers as required by the THSLL, PISD monitors, Homecoming Float requirements and other misc. costs.
  7. Does PEL operate at a loss? Since the inception of PEL, the program has operated at a deficit that was graciously covered by private donors including substantial donations from the PEL President.  In 2014 with the addition of HS coaching, PEL expects the budget could exceed $100,000.  For perspective, registration fees totaled $26,325 in the Spring of 2013 and another $19,179 in the Fall.  We estimate the operating deficit in 2014 to equal between $50-75,000.  As a result, donations are always welcome and fundraising and sponsorship are critical to the success of the program.  It is worth noting that PEL’s main cost drivers are: coaching ($48000 to $66000), field rental ($15000), referees ($7500), field maintenance ($5100), equipment ($2700), HS uniforms ($2400), dues ($2000), HS travel ($2000), trainers ($1000), other ($5,000).
  8. If there is a budget surplus, how would the funds be utilized? Any excess funds will be reinvested into the PEL program.
  9. What is the background of the High School Head Coach? Most notably, Jared Venia has won back to back Texas State lacrosse championships while leading Coppell’s Division 1 and 2 teams.  Venia has also coached multiple All-Americans and has several players currently playing on Division 1 to 3 college rosters.
  10. What league do the youth teams compete in? The youth teams will compete in the Dallas Fort Worth Lacrosse League (DFWL)
  11. What is the DFW lacrosse league? This is a new league that has replaced the now defunct NTYLL.  25 out of the 26 DFW metro area youth programs are participating members with each getting a vote on the board.  DFWL is a league designed to support one youth lacrosse team from each high school lacrosse community.
  12. Do Texas colleges have lacrosse programs? Yes. All of the large Texas colleges have club programs that play MCLA.
  13. What are PEL goals? To quickly establish Prosper as a dominant program in Texas based on a system that will be implemented at the youth levels and executed during their varsity years.  It is with this progressive system that we believe we will be able to compete at the highest levels immediately with other, well established programs in the area.
  14. How does PEL evaluate playing time?  Playing time is evaluated by Coach Venia’s 3 standards…attitude, effort and ability in that order
  15. Who is welcome to participate in PEL?  All PISD boys who are on good standing with the district and academically eligible and exhibit passion for playing the game.
  16. How do you feel about parents approaching coaches after games?  We at PEL hold to at least a 24 hour rule where we encourage parents who may be excited after a game to format their questions or concerns in writing and submit to Brad Mills, our board member and communications director, at  .
  17. Who do I direct other questions to?  Please feel free to contact any of the board members whose cell numbers are provided on the website or the Varsity Head Coach and Boys Program Director.
  18. What if I do not have sufficient funds to play lacrosse?  PEL is committed to provide access to all Boys who are interested in lacrosse. Depending on your circumstances, PEL may be able to offer a scholarship to participate.  Please feel free to contact our President Dan Schmitt at  .